If your are interesting in spending 5 minutes (maybe more, but that doesn’t matter…) reading our vision and motivations , there it goes:

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We’ve being doing IT project management for almost 20 years, well , pricelessly 19 years, six months and 21 days (at the time of writing these lines) so many stuff has come up. We have been dealing (since the beginning of the ages) with: AS400, Linux, Windows, Networking, Virtualization, C, .NET, PHP, Frontend, Backend, Integration, SEO Optimization, IT Governance and Information Security, and the list of IT fancy words goes on…

On the IT projects, that we have participated, we had the pleasure to met and worked side-be-side with the best IT professionals, so we decide to connect the dots and form an outstanding team, and not just that, we decide to create a flexible company with an holistic view of the services that we deliver, if it’s a simple website , or a more complex ERP integration with your Digital Transition strategy.

Our contribution to our costumers is to deliver the best and more flexible IT products or services that your company can scale and adapt – not forever of course, but longer, and we do it not just because we are paid for, we do it because we are passionate by our job and we are proud of it.

We are a Portuguese startup, yet with a long experienced IT and Management team that worked in international environments, coming from different areas of Information Technology consultancy.